Outdoor living – Enjoying the Sun and It’s Energy

Almost all the non-renewable sources of energy are progressing towards a state of exhaustion. If we do not harness the power of the renewable sources to their maximum potential, we may face consequences in the future. In addition to identifying and exploring renewable sources of energy, we should utilize efficient outdoor patio, decking and living solutions to enjoy what the sun offers us. Many outdoor decking and fencing solutions can be found at www.Vinyli.com.

Pf course, the sun is probably the biggest reason behind the existence of our planet. However, there are certain challenges associated with harnessing solar power in an optimal fashion. For instance, the following three questions arise when you first think about utilizing solar power:

• Earth receives only a minuscule amount of sun’s energy. How can the heat reception and utilization at our planet be maximized?

• We receive the solar radiations only during the day. How can we make up for the energy to last through the night?

• Even after all the evolutions in technology to harness solar power, we can still only manage to use the energy falling on a given surface. How can we concentrate all this energy at one specific spot?

All these questions compel us to think about the future of solar power. Many researchers have predicted that solar energy is the energy of future, and will soon be available as a fully competitive energy source along with the present sources.

Solar Energy and Nuclear Power; Which is Better?

It is given that Nuclear Energy is a real breakthrough in energy production, whether it is fusion or fission nuclear energy produces enormous amounts of energy that are powering major cities in progressive countries like Japan, Russia, France, United States and a lot more. However, Nuclear plants comes with a hefty price tag, the construction of a plant can cost hundreds of millions of dollars if not billions and the real problem is the maintenance and security risks that it involves. Scientists and nuclear engineers are needed to run the plant and the plant produces substantial amounts of radioactive materials which creates serious environmental problems. The waste is a lifelong commitment which keeps will piling up, and where do you get rid of it afterwards?

Security issues in nuclear power plants are in two aspects. The 1st is within the operation; it releases radioactive materials thus the reason you need a vast open unpopulated space for the construction and operation. Take the Fukushima plant in Japan for an instance, in the case it was seriously damaged the casualties are unimaginable. 2nd is the wastes; if in any case it leaks out it can alter our eco-system before we even know it – affecting marine life, all our wild life and YOU. To sum it up, it costs a gazillion dollar to construct, requires heavy operational management, Waste disposal issues and numerous security risks. – Not so bad eh? Keeping it is quite rubbish. On the other hand; Solar energy doesn’t contain any of the drawbacks a nuclear plant has. It is cheaper – much cheaper, renewable and clean. Clean in a holistic sense, zero carbon emission and zero waste  by- products. If you are to compare the energy production between the two, solar energy would be a step behind the latter. But if you are to compare the two in dollar per kilowatt then there isn’t much of a difference.

The key to the solar success is decentralization………. Homes can produce their own electricity in a safe and greener way. But the greatest benefits ofpanels would be dramatic electric bill reduction! Studies shows that solar electric system would out produce nuclear power plants before the closing of the century. In Australia, present and past administrations have opted for renewable energy from solar power because of its abundant sunlight, but solar technology has progressed now to where it is used widely even in much colder European countries. Nearly all nations now have access to abundant renewable energy sources; it is just a matter of embracing it. Now……… You decide, go dirty and expensive or clean and cheap?